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Respiratory Success Program

Community Surgical Supply's specialized program for Respiratory Failure/COPD patients is designed to reduce hospital re-admissions and increase patient compliance through regimented follow up by dedicated Ventilation Specialists and third party health calls, focusing on key indicators associated with disease progression and re-admission risk factors. Program details can be read in our published white paper study: Respiratory Success Program White Paper

Program Outcomes

Hospital Re-admission Rates

(patients admitted to program 01/01/15 - 01/01/16)


Overall, do you feel that you can better cope with your breathing since you started on service with Community Surgical Supply?
Feel Better

Have you followed up with your Respiratory Care Physician or PCP as ordered?

Follow Up

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Continuing Education Programs

To schedule a Continuing Education Presentation, email . Include your contact information and CEU of interest.

Getting the Ventilator Patient Home

    Continuing Education Icon
  • This program discusses the history and benefits of ventilation, insurance coverage criteria, the role of case managers in discharging, responsibilities of the home care provider and special needs of the pediatric patient and family dynamics. This program is currently approved for RN, SW, CM, and RD.
  • Trach 101

    • This program discusses the history, anatomy, and physiology of trach's. It also focuses on identifying the current type, size, and add-on devices. This program is currently approved for RD, CCM, RN, and SW.

    A.L.S. (Respiratory & Infusion)

    • This program examines current ALS treatment, long-term prognosis, preparing the patient with assistive devices, respiratory support, ventilation and looks at the new drug "Radicava" (just approved for ALS 2017). This program is currently approved for RD, CCM, RN, and SW.

    Coming Soon

    End-Stage Respiratory Failure and Nutritional Support

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