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Air-Fluidized Therapy (AFT) Bed System

Community Surgical Supply offers AFT, the Gold Standard in surfaces for patients with non-healing Stage 3 & 4 pressure ulcers on the trunk or pelvis. AFT is a proven, reliable solution for the home care setting. Utilization of AFT results in better outcomes and allows agencies to reduce visits and increase healing rates.

HydroAireTransparentBackgroundThe Aurora HydroAire represents significant improvements to AFT Therapy with better:

  • Fluidization (entire surface fluidizes)
  • Quieter therapy &
  • Less heat

Why Air-Fluidized Therapy?

  • AFT is the best solution for patients who have not improved on Group 2 surfaces
  • Reduces incidence of re-hospitalization
  • Patients on AFT heal 3-4 times faster with fewer hospitalizations than conventional therapy
  • Minimizes pressure, friction, sheer and maceration
  • Use of AFT promotes faster healing of pressure ulcers and can make a significant difference in clinical & financial outcomes

Is AFT effective?

AFT heals wounds 3-4 times faster than conventional therapy.

Capillary closure occurs at 32 mmHg. Anything above 32 mmHg appears as RED. Look how the red disappears as better surfaces are applied to this subject. AFT is the ONLY surface keeping the subject well below capillary closure throughout the entire body.

AFT 100 mmHg
190 lb. subject on carpet floor

Highest pressure = 100 mmHg
AFT 75 mmHg
190 lb. subject on hospital mattress

Highest pressure = 75 mmHg
AFT 52 mmHg
190 lb. subject on Group 1 gel overlay

Highest pressure = 52 mmHg
AFT 47 mmHg
190 lb. subject on Group 2 low air loss mattress

Highest pressure = 47 mmHg
AFT 26 mmHg
190 lb. subject on Group 3 HydroAire AFT

Highest pressure = 26 mmHg

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