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What is Air-Fluidized Therapy?

Air-Fluidized Therapy (AFT) Bed System is a Group 3 pressure-reducing support surface that is designed to prevent or promote the healing of certain pressure ulcers. It does so by reducing or eliminating pressure between the wound and bed.

The tub of the bed is filled with glass ceramic beads called microspheres. The beads lie on top of a diffuser board and when air is forced across the board, it causes the beads to react like a liquid. This act is called fluidization.

AFT with patientThe floating environment created by fluidization provides the highest level of pressure-reduction and can be utilized for advanced wounds that have had difficulty healing with other pressure-reducing support surfaces.

Why Air-Fluidized Therapy?

  • AFT is the best solution for patients who have not improved on Group 2 surfaces (low air loss mattress)
  • Reduces incidence of re-hospitalization
  • Wounds can heal 3-4 times faster on AFT than conventional therapies
  • Suitable for all homes

The newest generation of AFT Bed System, HydroAire, provides better fluidization, quieter therapy, & less heat.

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